Learn Selenium from Expert with hands-on exercises and Industry based Case Studies on Data, Keyword and Hybrid Driven

Writing automated web testing is compulsory for any project and the most popular framework for doing it is Selenium, using WebDriver with Python. Python is very popular for developers and testers in every software field. It will accelerate your success in software quality assurance.

Learn and practice the most popular combination of tools for web test automation with Python.

Learn How to work with Python environment.

  • Each concept is discussed in detail and related to real-time web application.
  • Work with a data-driven approach for your automation suite.
  • Work with the keyword driven approach for your automation suite.
  • Build your own test framework with Hybrid Driven Approach mostly used in the industry nowadays.
  • Discussed case studies with real-world web application (example: UI5CN, OLX, Paytm etc.).

You will learn Python programming language in a short period of time. Then you will learn Selenium Webdriver. Python is one of the most popular languages out there. Examples of well-known applications made with Python are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Meetup and so much more. Knowing Python not only enables you to write front-end automation but also sets you up halfway into learning Back-end API testing.

Learn Selenium with Python
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Learn Selenium with Python
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