Create a Basic Server and Integrate a Database step by step

Express is a fast, minimalist framework that sits on top of Node.js and allows you to build powerful single- and multi-page web applications and websites.

Express JS is built  with Node JS  and is a web framework that can help developers build faster and smarter websites and web apps. NodeJS is a server-side technology built using JavaScript.

Express can also be integrated with other modules and databases and offers HTTP utilities and middleware for creating APIs.

This course will teach you the very basics in practical steps from installation to creating basic routes and using various http request and response  status codes.  You will learn how to use a useful tool called postman to test http request methods and also the response and status codes.   We will also be learning how to install mongodb database and integrate it into our express app.

By the end of the course we would have created a basic functional express server integrated with a mongoDB database.

Topics include:

  • Handling HTTP requests with Node.js and Express
  • Introduction to basic routing
  • Creating simple basic routes
  • Creating a basic express server
  • Using callback functions
  • Using arrow functions
  • Refactoring existing code
  • Using Postman to test HTTP request  | response and status codes
  • Introduction to middlewares
  • Integrating MongoDB into Express
  • Installing and using nodemon
Learn Expressjs for beginners: A JavaScript Framework
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Learn Expressjs for beginners: A JavaScript Framework
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