In this beginner’s course i will walk you through how to create 27 projects step by step using three different popular and modern programming languages.

The best way  for a  beginner to learn how to code or program is by creating.

You will be learning how to code using C# ,Java and JavaScript.

Some of the projects you will be creating in this practical hands on course include:

Creating a functional calculator
Creating a digital clock
Creating  a word count tool
Creating a Currency Converter
Creating a percentage tip calculator
Creating a contact form with local storage
Creating a web browser
Creating a Prime number generator
Creating a Random number generator
Creating a Music Player
Creating a Paint drawing app
Creating a Height conversion Tool
Creating a Temperature conversion Tool
Creating a Todo List App
Creating a Image Slider App
Creating a Screen saver
Creating a Interactive Quiz game
Creating a Ping Pong Game
Creating  your own google maps

You will be using a variety of development tools  below to create the various projects.( The course will show you how to install these tools)

A good text editor like Notepadd++ or Sublime text for JavaScript development
JDK and NetBeans for developing projects with Java
Microsoft Visual Studio for developing projects with C#

By the end of this course you will have the confidence and skill to create mini projects and understand basic programming concepts
in C# , Java and JavaScript .

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Learn to code by creating 27 Projects
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Learn to code by creating 27 Projects
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