An absolute beginner’s quick introduction to creating apps for Apple’s devices

Do you Want to build an iPhone or iPad app? Start here. You will  learn how  to build  a basic IOS app  from scratch using the latest version of Xcode  9 which is the integrated development tool (IDE) and the swift

(version  4) programming language which is apple’s new programming language for IOS app development.a new
( about 3 years)

We will be using the MVC ( Model View Controller) design pattern which is commonly used in IOS app development.
Xcode comes with several simulators that can be used to test your apps on various apple devices.
This course also  explores the Xcode 9  interface , techniques for connecting UI elements to code.

Discover how to build native iOS apps. This course covers the code, tools, frameworks,
and practices for building applications with iOS 11. Discover how to build native iOS apps.

Topics include:

Acquiring the right tools for iOS app development
Upgrading IOS macOS high  Sierra
Installing Xcode version 9
Creating an Xcode project
Introduction to basic programming with swift
Using MVC in iOS
Loading an array
Creating variables
Creating random numbers
Creating basic interaction
Connecting UI elements to code
Exploring storyboards
Designing your app
Working with Xcode
Making UI-to-code connections
Running your app in various simulated devices

Learn Apple’s IOS App Development with Swift from scratch
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Learn Apple's IOS App Development with Swift from scratch
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