Create your first 3D Cartoon Character inside Blender 3D

Learn how you can Model and Texture a Cartoon Character inside Blender 3D from a Award winning Instructor.

This Class is great for all People who are interested in 3D

Why should you learn online?

Udemy is an online education platform where revolution taking place. You may have heard already about udemy in the news, or over “google” or you heard it already from a friend. Education is going to be changed forever.

I promise that this course will be better and much more effective than reading books.

What you need?

You need to have an internet connection and a new, complete free copy of Blender 3D

What you will learn?

You learn, how you can create a Cartoon Character in 3D



Learn 3D – Model your first Character inside Blender 3D
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Learn 3D - Model your first Character inside Blender 3D
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