Use data & facts to provide clarity of purpose, plan & responsibility to self & team | Leadership Course

As leaders, our teams look up to us for clarity. But many times, we ourselves lack clarity.

A good leader is one who is clear on 3 broad areas:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Clarity of Plan
  • Clarity of Responsibility

It is easy said, that have self clarity and provide clarity to your team. Complexity & ambiguity makes it very difficult.

This leadership course, cuts beyond theory and good intentions, that most leadership courses thrive upon.

It teaches you tools and techniques that can provide Clarity of purpose, plan and responsibility. That means, you can take sound decisions and provide consistent leadership.

Tools Covered:

  • True North
  • Golden Threads
  • In frame/Out Frame
  • MoSCoW
  • Cross Functional Process Maps
  • Process Centric Behaviors
  • Metrics Tree Map
Leading with Clarity
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Leading with Clarity
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