Learn how to create Data -bound controls on a windows form

Data binding in Windows Forms gives you the means to display and make changes to information from a data source in controls on the form. You can bind to both traditional data sources as well as almost any structure that contains data.

In addition, you can bind any property of any control to the data source.

In a Windows application, the easiest way to navigate through records in a data source is to bind a BindingSource component to the data source and then bind controls to the BindingSource. You can then use the built-in navigation method on the BindingSource such a MoveNext, MoveLast, MovePrevious and MoveFirst. Using these methods will adjust the Position and Current properties of the BindingSource appropriately. You can also find an item and set it as the current item by setting the Position property.
You can connect your application to data by using the Data Source Configuration Wizard in Visual Studio. After you complete the wizard, you can drag data objects from the Data Sources Window onto your forms to create data-bound controls.

This is an absolute beginners course to data binding on a windows forms application.  You will learn from scratch how to create a windows form application project and connect to a database and create a dataset. Also you will learn how create data bound controls  on your form to display and navigate data from the database. YoU will learn about using table adapters which is used to write SQL queries to populate your windows form.

By the end of this course you should be able to bind data to a windows form.

Introduction to Data Binding on a Windows Form
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Introduction to Data Binding on a Windows Form
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