Boost your programming skills

This is another course of my my series “Boost your programming skills”

Its targeted mainly to beginners in .NET programmers , but even if you are an advanced programmer you may find some topics that will help you.

In this course i will introduce you to a several advanced .NET Topics .

I will start by describing three basic .NET topics as follows :

  • .NET Program execution : you will see how a .NET program executes and how it differs from pre .NET .
  • Garbage collector : you will understand the concept of garbage collector in .NET framework
  • Strong name assemblies : in this lecture you will understand the difference between weak and strong assemblies and you will know how to strong name your assemblies.

In the next section i will talk about some .NET APis :

  • WMI or Windows management instrumentation : you will learn how to implement WMI in your .NET applications.
  • Performance counters : I will explain what is performance counters and how to use in .NET
  • IMpersonation : you will understand the concept of impersonation.

Then in the third section i will discuss 2 threading concepts :

  • Multithreading
  • Background workers

And in the last section i will show you how to work with IL code by showing you how to use :

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Intro to advanced .NET topics - Series 1
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Intro to advanced .NET topics – Series 1
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