Installing Windows Server 2012 for the first time? Step-by-step instructions. For beginners and system administrators!


Are you looking to install Windows Server 2012 for the first time?

Not sure how to get started? What type of installation to use? What settings to choose?

Want become a better system IT administrator, by knowing how to install and use Windows Server 2012 on your job?

Installing Windows Server 2012 can be a daunting task! So many settings, a lot can go wrong. And what about your companies files – how can they stay safe?

My name is Pablo Mendoza, and in this course I will show you step-by-step how to install and customize Windows Server 2012. As a experienced Microsoft Certified Instructor with years of practical experience as a network administrator, I will be sure to keep the process safe, fast and secure.

You will learn:

  • How to choose the correct Windows Server 2012 installation package
  • How to set up a virtual machine for practice installations
  • How to install and choose the correct settings
  • How to customize your Windows Server 2012 installation according to your companies requirements

And all of this will only take 2 hour of your time to learn! (You can always go back and re-watch, download etc.)

Install Windows Server 2012 For Beginners. Fast & Secure.
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Install Windows Server 2012 For Beginners. Fast & Secure.
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