Build on your knowledge of Data Studio to make your dashboards more impactful than ever. Connect to BigQuery and more.

In this course you’ll master the advance features in Google Data Studio, so that you understand all the options available for transforming your data sets and data visualisations into the format you need.

Target Audience

This course is for people who have an intermediate knowledge of Google Data Studio and want to gain advance knowledge.

  • You already have experience with Data Studio
  • You have experience with Functions in Excel and/or Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Want to understand the full range of capabilities that Google Data Studio offers


In this course you will cover in detail:

Visualisations – Pivot Tables, Combination & Dual Axis Charts, Stacked Bar & Area Charts

Layout – How to set global colour palettes

Transforming Data Sets – Transforming Metrics & Dimensions with Calculated Fields and a range of functions that Data Studio supports e.g Median(), Variance(), Percentile(), Concat(), Substr() as well as Case Statements for grouping dimension values together.

Hyperlinks and Clickable images – Adding images and links to data tables to show and link through to your products in your reports

Filters – Group and Page Level filters to add more control to your reports

Embedding – How to embed your reports into an external application or website.

Databases – Connecting to SQL database tables, views and custom queries. We will connect to BigQuery.


Your role might fall into one of the following

  • Online Marketer
  • Product Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Finance Anayst
  • Product Owners/Manager
  • Small business Owner

Data Sources you may already use

Google Analytics,  Adwords or other Google Product

Google Sheets


SQL Database e.g MySQL, BigQuery, PostGresQL

The Power of Data Studio

  • Intuitive Design – create dashboard designs that are more intuitive than dashboards in GA & Google Sheets
  • Scale your insights  build shareable dashboards saved in Google Drive
  • Speed up time to insight  build reports and visualisations to answer questions within minutes
  • User friendly Templates and Layouts – will make it easier for users to interpret the data.

Data Studio is a Data Visualisation Tool created by Google. It is part of the Google Suite including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Data Studio is FREE and allows you to connect to a range of data sources.

It’s an incredible tool to create powerful and interactive dashboards for you to explore your underlying data.

I look forward to showing you how to master the advance concepts in Google Data Studio so  that you understand the full range of capabilities at your fingertips.

Google Data Studio – Master the Advanced Concepts
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