Learn how to setup an exceptional Google Ads Search campaign & boost sales or enquries

This Google AdWords Course takes you through the steps to setting up an excellent Search campaign to promote your product or service.

You will go from choosing the campaign type to the networks to advertise on and also naming your campaign.

And you’ll setup the necessary features in campaign settings like locations, budgets, bidding strategy, ad scheduling and many others. This will provide you with firm grounding for future campaigns that you setup and you will follow a proven process.

Then you will work on your first ad group and the relevant ads and keywords that make up the ad group. This is critical to targeting the right people with your ads and making sure you’re reaching your targets.

This is some of what you will learn:

I cover important areas such as:

– Which networks to show your ads on

– Which ad scheduling options to use

– How to setup effective budgets for your PPC campaigns

Which bid strategies to use at the beginning

РHow to  conduct keyword research

– Tips on how to write exceptional text ads that lead to conversions

– What the most effective bid strategy is for your campaigns

Google AdWords Search Campaign Setup
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Google AdWords Search Campaign Setup
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