A psychological approach to goal setting. For advanced students and ones who want to do the things the right way.

Have you ever wondered why so many people set goals but fail to achieve them?

Are you one of them? Do you write the lists of the things you want, and then you come up short?

Behind every properly structured goal are aligned psychological processes, which if not understood can easily sabotage any goal you’ve set.

In this course you will learn and master the psychology that underlies every goal, and you will receive the knowledge and tools that will enable you to achieve any goal you set.

Along the way, you will get a greater insight of who you really are and what you hold to be of the highest value to you.

You will learn to recognize and discard goals that are irrelevant to you and important people in your life, so you don’t waste your time and energy trying to achieve them.

But make no mistake, you will be required to be active. to take notes and do the homework exercises.

Goal Setting Mastery: The Psychology Of Goal Achievement
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Goal Setting Mastery: The Psychology Of Goal Achievement
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