Learn all you need to know to improve your online security, protect your identity and hard earned savings

Hello there, glad you are here!

If you are interested in improviong your awareness on modern online threats this course is for you.

Today we are constantly hearing about hacker attacks, data breaches and poor online security.
There is also a common misconception that to improve your online security skills you need to be very technical or a security expert.

None of these things!

Nobody will tell you that is very easy to protect yourself from modern threats. You just need to have the right awareness, open and positive mindset and no technical skills at all. And yes, with such skills you will live a much safer online life!

I am not only here to tell you this, but to teach you all I know!

So, if you are interested to improve your online security then I am here to help.

I’ve been doing security awareness trainings for many years, and I can tell you that in a couple of hours you will be a changed person.

I’ve successfully delivered this change for so many years for two reasons, I am passionate for what I do and I use simple, and understandable language to deliver my message, even for tricky topics. With such a combination you can be assured that you will grow your knowledge exponentially.

In this course you will learn so many things!

Here are the highlights

  • Awareness on modern threats
  • How to protect your online data & identity
  • How to safeguard your internet accounts
  • How to secure your beloved devices, smartphones, laptops and much more
  • How to keep your hard earned money safe

This with a right mix of theory and practice.

I’ve put all my best in creating an engaging, beautiful and fun experience, so I hope you enjoy it.

Also remember that I will be there to assist you trough the course, listen to your suggestions and add content to keep the course relevant.
In case you do not like it, you are always welcome to ask for a full refund, no offence taken!

I am sure that together we can make the online word a safer place.

Hope to see you in the course

Yours truly

FREE Online Security & Privacy Awareness Training – BSAFE!
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FREE Online Security & Privacy Awareness Training - BSAFE!
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