Learn the core concepts and workings of React and apply all those learning to build an app without third-party modules.

In this course, you will learn the basics of React and how you can use it as a UI library for your next project.

The course focuses on fundamental concepts and workings of React without any support from third-party libraries; covering only the core APIs of React and what React has to offer out of the box.

The flow of the course
We will start with setting up the development environment and understanding the file structure.  Then we will be learning the basic and fundamental concepts of React with quizzes to reflect on how much is retained. After this, we will be applying all the learning to build an application and learn more things on the way.
Following is the session structure

  1. Introduction
    This will be an introduction to the course, things you need to know, who is using it and what are the alternates.
  2. Getting started with React
    We will set up the Node development environment to work with React and understand how all the pieces fit together.
  3. Working in React
    This section is all about understanding the fundamental concepts of React and how ES6 (JavaScript) fits together with JSX syntax.
  4. Let’s build something
    We will be building a fully working app in this section to understand React more deeply and learn more things about React’s API.
  5. What next
    We will be wrapping up the course with a few tips and what are the things you can focus on.

So if you are a front-end developer who is looking to increase your knowledge or a backend developer looking to learn a tool that can connect with your APIs or someone exited about React, this course is a perfect fit for you.

By the end of this course, you will have a good enough idea about the capabilities of React and how it can help you in the next project. You will be well equipped with starting to work in React for your next project or an existing one.

Looking forward to seeing you join the React community…

Fast track to React – All that you need to get started
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