Parenting school. Make your 4-6 years old child to be responsible, organized and excellent learner while you free time

With subtitles in Greek and English
You love your child and you help it a lot every day, but he/she seems not to be able to finish simple tasks.

Her/his toys are left every where in the house. He/she is  denying to do homework.
Help your child to be able to do all the above. Support your child while it is learning to do all above and become responsible.
Many parents ask about the responsibilities that a child can handle. In this course you will learn the basic rules that a parent can have in order to make  a child responsible without asking for more then it can handle.
Responsibility for many parents and children seems to be a fight.
This course stops the fight. In this course you will learn how to make your children responsible without having to fight with them.
After this course you will have the tools to turn on the responsibility of your child.
Find what was preventing this till now.
Begin a new way of communication for responsibility with your child and others.
Moreover this course is a whole system for training or intervention about responsibility.
Learning, teaching, counselling, coaching about how to make a 4-6 years old child responsible
Learn  about  4-6 years old children responsibility. Learn how to make a 4-6- years old child responsible. An on-line course to get all the tools and my 31 years packed Knowledge of my anthropocentric approach about responsibility for early childhood. First of all nobody has ever talked to you about the real meaning of responsibility. So you are a parent, teacher, counsellor, coach, therapist but you never have been taught how to help children to be responsible. As a result you work based on what you learnt from your childhood. Is it enough? Can it be accurate or it needs an update?
Why learning 4-6 years old children responsibility is important?
Preschool age is the best age to teach your child to be responsible, because of the brain readiness to learn  and furthermore, because body dexterities are now maturing.
Because responsibility is helping children to achieve grater marks in school.
More over responsibility can reduce the effects of learning disabilities and S.T.D (Space Time Disorder) according to anthropocentric approach. More over responsible persons are more accountable and organized.
So, responsible persons are what all big companies are looking for.
Most of all according to our approach happiness, autonomy are coming through responsibility.
In addition money is the result of responsibility.
Finally make a small investment today for a big income in the future.
Measurable changes in a responsible child and person
Most noteworthy from the first lecture you will see a noticeable:
Decrease of unfinished tasks, frustration, postponing, unhappiness, time not being enough and
increase of finished tasks, happiness, autonomy, action taking, happiness, free time, sustainability
For whom is this course
This is a course for you, if you are parent, teacher, counsellor, coach and you want to learn about responsibility .
Learn teach counsel coach 4-6 years old children responsibility
If you are a parent, teacher, counsellor, therapist or coach you should learn about responsibility. Because what you remember about responsibility from your childhood is not enough. After finishing this course you will be able to help children to be responsible.
Moreover if you are already working in the facilitating area or counselling and teaching you will be able to teach, counsel, coach or help adults parents to manage with responsibility.
This is a master course to learn teach counsel coach 4-6 years old children responsibility
Why is this the master course about responsibility?
Because this course is full with content as well as well as with a workbook with all of my experience.
So, this course is more than just information about responsibility, as a result, you work also to make the results permanent and experiential for you.
In conclusion, this is an opportunity course for you and the children or clients.

Facilitate as parent a child to become responsible
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Facilitate as parent a child to become responsible
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