Master Excel VBA event programming

If you know the basics of Excel VBA and are looking to expand your knowledge, this course could be just what you need.

Moving on from the creation of Excel macros, this course shows you how to write code which responds to events. (Macros are covered in the Udemy course: Excel VBA Macros: Hyper-disambiguated Excel VBA Programming).

During the course, we will continue to use a style of programming which emphasizes the significance of each line of code that you write. This means that when you revisit the code, the meaning of each line is apparent from the syntax, rather than becoming more and more unfamiliar.

This is a hands-on, project-based course which will help you to expand your VBA skills by building mini applications.

You’ll learn how to create a workbook which can only be opened by a list of authorized users.

How to create a chart event drill-down solution.

You will learn how to create an accessible workbook which provides dynamic audio feedback to its users.

You will create a solution which allows users to apply a filter to all tables within a workbook.

You will build a sophisticated activity logging solution, which records every user action in a hidden worksheet.

You will build an application which forces users to enter data via a user form while the underlying worksheet remains hidden.

And you’ll learn how to add an alternative right-click menu and how to make it a permanent feature of Excel.

Whether you are looking to enhance your career prospects by adding Excel VBA to your C.V., save your company money or increase your productivity, this series of Excel VBA courses will help you to broaden your Office programming skill set. You can download all of the materials used in the lectures, so that you can follow along. (Please, remember to unZIP the downloaded files.)



Excel VBA: Hyper-disambiguated Excel VBA Programming Part 2
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Excel VBA: Hyper-disambiguated Excel VBA Programming Part 2
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