The MATCH-4 Source Code in Swift 4.2, iOS 12 and Xcode 10

Update – The source code is now updated to iOS12, Swift 4.2 and Xcode 10!

NEW FEATURE in v.12.0.0 – (18.10.2018)

  • Updated to iOS 12, Xcode 10, Swift 4.2
  • Updated Rebeloper Store to 4.0.0 ( files changed: RebeloperStoreSetup.swift, RebeloperStoreConfig.plist, Info.plist, AppDelegate.swift, Gameplay.swift, Shop.swift, BDPlayerStats.swift, Podfile )
  • Updated Firebase/Core; Firebase/AdMob pods
  • Fixed Tiles not found on board – big red X image being displayed instead (file changed: Gameplay.swift, lines 365, 375)

NEW FEATURE in v.2.3.0. (20.08.2017): Localization

Update (15.09.2016) – The source code is now updated to support iOS10, Swift 3 and Xcode 8!

Are you tired of reskinning the same old MATCH-3 source codes?

Do you want to leverage the awesome features of a game like Candy Crush Saga, but do not want to be a copycat?

Are you looking for a revolutionary MATCH-4 gameplay?

You are in good place! In this course you will get your hands on our latest source code “Anti Candy Crunch” and you will learn how to set it up and submit it to the App Store. In this course I will submit a reskin called Anti Cookie Crunch. Anti Cookie Crunch is already available on the App Store! Download it to take a look at what the source code can offer.

We wanted to create a game that will turn heads. While researching the market I’ve found that there are a LOT (some good, some bad) of MATCH-3 source codes.

What will make a bang is a new gameplay: Match 4 candies or more! Do not match 3!

This course takes you by hand and shows you how you can reskin and submit your very own version of Anti Candy Crunch to the App Store.

Features of the Anti Candy Crunch source code include:

  • Revolutionary MATCH-4 gameplay
  • Facebook Login
  • Facebook App Invites
  • Facebook Share
  • 3 Virtual Currency Pack In-app Purchases – This is where you will make money
  • No Ads In-app Purchase – This is where you will make money
  • Ads from AdMob (banner) and Chartboost (interstitial) – This is where you will make money
  • Rate My App System
  • More Apps Page
  • Game Center Leaderboard
  • Achievements
  • 108 Levels
  • 2 types of gameplay: timed or with moves
  • User data is saved into Firebase (user data is easily restored)
  • Facebook Friends and their scores are shown in the Map Scene
  • Random Level Mode
  • many more

You will get your hands on the Anti Candy Crunch source code and hands on video tutorials how to put your own reskin of it on the App Store. Take a look at the free Introduction video to find out more.

Enrich your app portfolio with this delightful, addicting, fun and money maker source code! Enroll now!

DIY iOS Games: A Developer Guide – Anti Candy Crunch
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