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Are you planing to build your career in Data Science in This Year?

Do you the the Average Salary of a Data Scientist is $100,000/yr?

Do you know over 10 Million+ New Job will be created for the Data Science Filed in JustNext 3 years??

If you are a Student / a Job Holder/ a Job Seeker then it is the Right time for you to go for Data Science!

Do you Ever Wonder that Data Science is the “Most Hottest” Job Globally in 2018 – 2019!

Above, we just give you a very few examples why you Should move into Data Science and Test the Hot Demanding Job Market Ever Created!

The Good News is That From this Hands On Data Science and Machine Learning in R course You will Learn All the Knowledge what you need to be a MASTER in Data Science.

Why Data Science is a MUST HAVE for Now A Days?

The Answer Why Data Science is a Must have for Now a days will take a lot of time to explain. Let’s have a look into the Company name who are using Data Science and Machine Learning. Then You will get the Idea How it BOOST your Salary if you have Depth Knowledge in Data Science & Machine Learning!

Here we list a Very Few Companies : –

  • Google – For Advertise Serving, Advertise Targeting, Self Driving Car, Super Computer, Google Home etc. Google use Data Science + ML + AI to Take Decision
  • Apple: Apple Use Data Science in different places like: Siri, Face Detection etc
  • Facebook: Data Science , Machine Learning and AI used in Graph Algorithm for Find a Friend, Photo Tagging, Advertising Targeting, Chatbot, Face Detection etc
  • NASA: Use Data Science For different Purpose
  • Microsoft: Amplifying human ingenuity with Data Science

So From the List of the Companies you can Understand all Big Giant to Very Small Startups all are chessing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and it the Opportunity for You!

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