Learn how to create real live production plugins from scratch and boost your WordPress knowledge

You might already have some WordPress knowledge but your clients are starting to ask for specific website features that WordPress doesn’t have by default and there’s no plugin for it.

You are not going the stop your projects or deny others because you have not yet acquired the skills, please don’t get me wrong: you are not going to became a WordPress development plugin guru just by watching this course.

However, I am going to show you how I developped 3 WordPress official plugins from 0 to production and publication at the WordPress official plugins repository.

These 3 plugins address real live problems, such as a user login via QR code, JSON feed reader and check if the user is uploading an event picture that’s currently in use. Notice that the subjects are user roles, fetch external data and compare data that your WordPress site currently has – main subjects regarding WordPress development.

If you want to learn how real live productions plugins are made, improve your WordPress skills and learn the know how of someone that does this for more than five years on a daily base you are on the right place, hope to see you on the course.

How I created 3 official WordPress plugins
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How I created 3 official WordPress plugins
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