Learn how to create amazing static sites with Hugo.

In this course you’ll earn how to build static sites quickly and easily with Hugo.

We’ll walk you through on how to install and setup Hugo.

We’ll then get into the many features and how to create a new project from scratch.

Plus, you’ll learn to create a site and set up a deployment pipeline using GitHub, Travis CI, and Amazon Web Services.

Hugo in a is a free and open source framework that helps anyone build a static website. Hugo is a static site generator meaning developers can use Hugo to build fast and scalable static websites.

Hugo takes all the fuss out of building and managing a static website. Hugo gives you all the flexibility of a dynamic website, with the speed and convenience of a static website.

Hugo lets developers abstract web components, define layouts and templates, and even use logic across their site. For non developers, Hugo provides a rich library of themes built by the community which take all the work out of building the your site. You could build a fast, scalable and beautiful hugo website, without writing a single line of code.

Create a Static Site With Hugo
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Create a Static Site With Hugo
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