Beginner to Advanced – Easy XMPP Chat Server Installation and configure Android , iOS, Windows/Mac/Linux Chat apps

Beginners who are curious about the technology behind chat applications and professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in XMPP server and client technology are welcome to have your skills enhanced.

Also entrepreneurs who wish to start chat server application as a ‘Software as a Service’  business model are welcome too.

  • Lets start by an Overview of the XMPP protocol which is popular for chat and messaging applications
  • setting up an Amazon Web Service VPS called EC2 with Ubuntu Linux
  • Compare the popular chat servers and install  the Prosody, the light weight, efficient open source chat server
  • Explore the basic configuration options for prosody to get started.
  • Install few additional modules which is needed for file sending etc.
  • Configure SSL certificate for our chat server to enhance the safety and security.
  • Install and configure windows/mac/Linux Chat App called Pidgin (Open Source)
  • Install and configure Android Chat App called Conversations (Open Source)
  • Install and configure iOS Chat App called Chat Secure (Open Source)
Complete XMPP Server set-up with android and iOS chat apps
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Complete XMPP Server set-up with android and iOS chat apps
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