Learn how the complete react-redux framework by building your own course management application.

I really love react, and if you’re watching this then I bet you do too. In this course you will learn all the concepts, terminologies, and tools related to the react and the redux framework. We start off by setting up an awesome development environment that you will be able to use any time down the line for any future applications saving you hours! We also briefly go over some of the core concepts of react just to refresh your memory. The, we dive into the core application by covering the following topics.

  • How redux is similar and different to Flux
  • How Actions, Stores, Reducers work in the redux flow
  • What is immutability and how it works with Redux
  • Container vs Presentational Components
  • How the redux flow works within our application
  • How mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps works
  • Handling async requests in react and redux using Thunk
  • Handling errors elegantly in react and redux
  • Testing react and redux using the 2 most popular testing libraries
  • Building a productions ready environment 

Here’s everything you will get out of this course.

  • You will learn the fundamentals of the popular react-redux framework so that you can list this new technology/tool on your resume.
  • You will work on a real life application by building a course management application
  • You will receive a FREE starter kit that will save you hours when starting any new react project 
  • You will receive access to monthly office hours hosted by the instructor so you can ask questions and stay engaged


The Complete React Redux Bootcamp
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The Complete React Redux Bootcamp
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