Create Stunning Videos and Learn Video Editing using Sony Vegas Pro Easily + More than 1500 Ready Templates included !

Welcome to My own Course for Sony Vegas Pro !!!

So what is the Purpose of this course ? 

We all want to learn about Video editing in the Shortest Time Possible and at the same time Get a lot of skills in this small time ! so with my own compressed course in Sony Vegas Pro , you will learn all the skills you need to Start your own Way in Video editing and In shortest time possible .

So what are you going to learn in this course ?

1-Create a Project and Adding Media to Timeline.

2-Control Video Preview Settings.

3-Replace Audio in Your Video.

4-Add Animated Text to Your Video.

5- Hide Channel Logo  from Video.

6- Hide Someone’s Face along a Video.

7-Showing only One Color in Video.

8-Remove Unwanted Part of Video.

9-Making a Ghost for Yourself.

10-Do Super Jump Effect.

11-Do Fade in and Fade Out  of video.

12-Control Opacity of Video.

13-Do Interference between 2 videos.

14-Control Velocity and Reverse a Video.

15-Speed Up and Slow Down a Video.

16-Replace Green Screen Using Chroma Keyer.

17- Resize and Rotate a Video.

18-Zoom in and out a Video.

19- Do more Than 25 Transitions.

20-Control Brightness and Contrast of Video.

21- Use Soft Contrast,Border and Camera Focus Effect.

22- Do Film Effects and Film Grain.

23- Do TV Simulator and Sony Sepia Effects.

24-Render and Save video.

And Finally The Trick which got me more than 30k Views on YouTube in Dragon Ball Z:

How to make Goku Super Saiyan White using Sony Vegas Pro and Changing his Transformation Color in any Color i want , You can use this trick in any Video you want to control specific color of it.

Actually there is more ! i will Give you Links to more than 1500 ready Templates instead of just Making your own also Professional and For completely free  .

Complete Guide to Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing for Beginners
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Complete Guide to Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing for Beginners
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