Adding a fun way for users to interact with your applications

I enjoy finding new uses for old technologies.

Not being much of a gamer these days, I was tempted to get rid of my old Xbox 360 console, as it just sits and collects dust. Realizing I wouldn’t get much for it, though, I decided to see if I could repurpose it, instead.

I’m still not sure what to do with the console itself, but I did find that I could connect my controllers to my PC and use them as input devices in Node.js applications, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

In this course, I am going to show you how to build a Node.js module that you can import into your own applications, which will allow you and your users to utilize Xbox 360 controllers as input devices.

In order to follow along with the demos in this course, you will need a wireless Xbox 360 controller and a Microsoft USB gaming receiver.


Building a Node.js Xbox 360 Controller Module
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Building a Node.js Xbox 360 Controller Module
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