Fantastic courses on Udemy !  (update : october 2017)

Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

Build and deploy fullstack web apps with NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB.

25 hours | $180





Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide

Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) that feels like an iOS & Android App, using Device Camera, Push Notifications and more

15 hours | $150




 Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

Build and deploy fullstack web apps with NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB.

25.5 hours | $180 




 Cross-platform Desktop App Development for Windows Mac Linux

Create a multiplatform desktop applications which runs on Mac, Windows and Linux with one single code base

7 hours | $145 




Growth Hacking, Business Development: Marketing Fundamentals

 Scale Your Business With Growth Hacking Marketing Techniques, Digital Marketing Strategy, Convert Traffic Into Sales

6 hours | $185




Ten different ways to make great living online.

Without a website or youtube channel.

1.5 hours | $20





How To Start A Digital Product Business & Make Money Online

Earn Money Passively By Setting Up & Launching An Online Business That Sells Digital Products (Online Business Ideas)

1 hour | $100




Startup Growth Strategies: Simple Approaches for Fast Growth

Learn how to turbocharge the growth of your startup from a strategist who evaluated hundreds of startups for investment

2 hours | $185




Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing Basics for Newbies

Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer. Get Started in Affiliate marketing FAST!

2 hours | $200




Arduino Robotics for Kids & Parents: Step by Step

15+ STEM activities on LED’s, Motors, Sensors, Robots. Program Arduino using Scratch based drag & drop software !

1 hour | $65




The Complete Mobile App Design From Scratch: Design 15 Apps

Learn From Scratch: Photoshop, Sketch 4, After effects, Flinto, Principle and more. Learn 6 Figure Income By Freelancing

26.5 hours | $200




Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Raise your Career, Learn easily, the interesting NOSQL leader MongoDB with 5 tools, 4 programming languages ,20 demos

11 hours | $120




Building Your First Django App in Minutes

Conjure up that overdue MVP Using Django 1.10

9.5 hours | $60





Regression, Data Mining, Text Mining, Forecasting using R

Learn Regression Techniques, Data Mining, Forecasting, Text Mining using R

32.5 hours | $100




Success Habits: Top 10 Habits Of Extremely Successful People

Cultivate These Habits And Increase Dramatically The Chances Of Success In Your Business And Life As A Whole

1 hour | $95




The Beginners Guide to Meditation

Learn Meditation Techniques to Help Kick Bad Habits, Reduce Stress & Improve Your Health – Meditation Has Many Benefits

3 hours | $200




The Complete Flexbox Tutorial: Learn CSS3 Flexbox in 2017

This tutorial teaches you how to use the new CSS3 Flexbox box model to create responsive web layouts more effectively!

2 hours | $95




REST API Automation testing from scratch-(REST Assured java)

This course teaches you everything needed to master REST API Automation till framework level with tons of examples

10.5 hours | $200




Business Development Masterclass: Learn To Build Businesses

258 Page Course Business Book Included, Project Based Learning, Professional Business Advice & Over 125 Lectures

13.5 hours | $200




Facebook Marketing for Businesses, Brands, and You

Facebook Marketing Essentials & the SECRETS of Businesses & Brands who dominate Facebook Marketing

1.5 hours | $150




Cloud Control Panel From Scratch using Python/Django

Control your Cloud/Web apps with powerful Django

5 hours | $95





Be Inspired: How to Create Your Best Life

Get clear, focused & chase down your dreams

1.5 hours | $25





How to Create Make build an Online Ecommerce Store Website

Make an online ecommerce store, design without coding, dropship, make logos and create your own online business website.

3.5 hours | $120




CSSCasts; CSS libraries Plugins Tips & Tricks for Developers

Learn Modern CSS, CSS3, CSS4 , libraries, plugins, Grids, frameworks, tips & tricks and Build websites. Updates Weekly

46.5 hours | $200




Fun with Java! Build Complete Desktop & Android Mobile Apps!

Build fun Java desktop apps and Android mobile apps step-by-step! For PC, Linux & Mac!

12 hours | $30




Learn Node.js by building Udemy: Stripe + MailChimp + Wistia

Learn how to use Javascript Serverside Nodejs to build Udemy Clone

5.5 hours | $110






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