What It Takes to Really Love Your Wife

Men, if you’re searching for the secrets to a successful marriage, you’ll find the answers within this course. Learn the keys to understanding your wife, keeping her secure in your relationship, creating a sense of teamwork, and nurturing her needs.

Dr. Gil Stieglitz lays a foundation for husbands in 7 principles:

H-Honor, which a woman must receive to stay emotionally connected in marriage. Learn this primary way to change your marriage and meet one of the core needs of your wife. If you grab a hold of this material, it will change everything.

U-Understanding, which is essential if a man is to understand the unique temperament, gifts, and abilities of his wife. God tells husbands to do something that culture tells us is impossible, understand your wife.

S-Security, which is the key to a woman’s spiritual connection to her husband. Your wife needs to feel secure in your relationship in ways that you have most likely never thought about. Learn the ways to do that and the four ways that are most likely to threaten your marriage. If you learn these things, your relationship will soar.

B-Building Unity and Direction, which is the constant job of the man so that the pressures of life do not destroy the marriage. Your wife needs you to engage in your marriage, to lead in your marriage, but in very specific ways. Learn the four aspects of leadership that you need to supply that will be readily accepted and deeply appreciated.

A-Agreement, which is a system a man must establish and manage so that both husband and wife can enthusiastically support the decisions that are made. What do you do when you and your wife do not agree about something. Do you just fight it out and see who is still standing at the end? (NO!) Live out Amos 3:3 and live together in harmony. Learn this principle and it will help you avoid fights and bring positive results in your marriage.

N-Nurture, which means that a man must provide all that his wife needs to blossom as a person, mother, worker, friend, and wife. Your wife can blossom into this amazing vineyard of delight if you learn how to truly nurture her. You are the husbandman, the gardener and what she needs is completely different than what you need. If you listen and do what this principle teaches, it will allow her to grow and fill your life with joy.

D-Defender, which is what the man must clearly become or his marriage, family, and life will be left unprotected and often destroyed. God has asked you to protect your wife from those things that could destroy her. Most of the time we are not physically protecting our wife, but you still have to protect her. This principle will show you the four common areas where your protection will make the greatest difference.

A wife is like a flower, ready to bloom and fill the room with her aroma and beauty. She cannot display the beauty (inside and outside) and the wonder she possesses if her husband does not properly husband her. The word husband is short for the word husbandman. This is an old term for gardener or keeper of a vineyard. It was the husbandman’s job to make sure that the vineyard reached its full potential. When you agreed to marry your wife, you agreed (in the fine print) to encourage, develop, and release her to achieve her maximum potential for the glory of God.

Becoming a Godly Husband
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