Become Master in Web Development Course from scratch by using HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript,PHP and MYSQL with big projects

Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MYSQL all together in one course!

This course become you to be master in web development with huge and useful projects. I taught all sections and lectures step by step with simple language.

HTML5 and CSS3 are some of the most essential and evolving web technologies that enable you to structure content and present it on the web. Knowledge of these languages will help you create web pages that are easy to read and appealing to users. I also focus on the new and advanced features of HTML5, covering how to create HTML5 and CSS3 markup that will work well on the widest possible variety of web browsers such as Computer, Tablet, and mobile devices. The course also shows you how to use advanced HTML5 multimedia features such as video, audio and use CSS3 for animations.

After HTML5 & CSS3 I am going to JavaScript Sections. This hands on JavaScript training course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using JavaScript. It introduces students to client-side JavaScript and how the language can be used to turn static HTML pages into dynamic, interactive Web pages. Students will learn the syntax of the JavaScript language and how client-side scripts interact with server-side programs.

JavaScript topics include adding JavaScript to a web-page, use of dialogs to interact with the user and JavaScript intrinsic objects such as Date, Array and Math. Students will also be introduced to the Document Object Model (DOM), creation of functions, event handling, form validation.

After JavaScript sections I am going to PHP and MYSQL sections. PHP is one of the most important programming language in the world that can work on client and server side. PHP can connect to MYSQL database to make web applications. MYSQL is a database that can store data in tables. I started from the beginning of setting up your server and writing your first line of PHP code.  You will gain understanding on how to send and receive information to and from a database. You will learn how to validate your form too. After that I talk about advanced features in PHP and MYSQL and you will learn about how to create register, login and logout system and also how to make image upload system.

This course contains useful project that help you to understand better topics.

project includes:

  • Create Simple Sport Website
  • Create Job Applicant Form
  • Create Simple Magazine Website
  • Program for copying text in other fields
  • Design a program that system can recognize odd/even numbers
  • Make Digital clock
  • Make a Calculator
  • Style and validate forms with JavaScript
  • Display Google Map on web page
  • Table pagination
  • Sending E-Mail with PHP
  • Login and Registration system with PHP and MYSQL
  • User Login to system and upload their private photo without access other users to them
  • how to use Google reCAPTCHA system and how to make it for your own website.
Become Master in Web Development Course (Basic to Advance)
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Become Master in Web Development Course (Basic to Advance)
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