Get Fit, Get Toned and Feel Strong

The Anytime Anywhere Body Toning program is designed for all fitness levels .

Nearly everyone, regardless of age and gender will benefit from my strength training program.

It promotes fat loss, helps maintain healthy bone mass and prevents age related muscle loss. Strength training also improves insulin sensitivity, increases your basic metabolic rate and increases your bone density.

Components of this Program

This Body Toning program is divided into two segments:

  • Exercise – 20 Strength and Flexibility segments divided over 4 weeks.
  • Diet – 4 Diet sheets for 4 weeks

The Exercise Program

1) The Strength Segment – In this segment you will be working with your own body weight or external resistence like dumbells . In every segment you will be strengthening two to three muscle groups.

2) The Flexibility Segment – This segments comprises of 5 minutes of stretches exercise which help you to relax your body completely and also prevents any injury.

The Anytime Anywhere Body Toning Program
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The Anytime Anywhere Body Toning Program
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