Updated to Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) – Learn the Angular Framework Step By Step

This tutorial is an introduction to the Angular application development framework, and its meant for beginners.

The goal of the course is to cover the fundamental aspects of Angular development: Components, Directives, Pipes, Services and Modules, and establish some solid ground for further courses.

In a short time and with the help of the lessons code you should be up and running, and be able to know the essentials of Typescript and know how to build simple Angular components and applications.

Course Content

We will first learn about how Angular relates to the MVC paradigm by building our first component, and see the Angular change detection mechanism in action for the first time. This quick start will give you a feel of what the framework looks like, and before going any further we will present better the language that we will be using: Typescript.

We will then do a detailed step by step introduction to Angular Components and Directives. We will then cover how each of the Angular core directives work, their syntax and some typical use cases: NgFor, NgStyle, NgIf, and NgSwitch.

We will learn about how to use the standard pipes and on how to build our own pipe. We will then do an introduction on how to build Angular Services using the HTTP module.

We will cap off the course with an introduction on how to debug Angular applications using either Augury or simply just the console.

What you will Learn

With this course and the code contained in it, you should already be able to put together a large variety of Angular components, as well as feel comfortable setting up a development project and debugging it.

Angular Tutorial For Beginners
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