Welcome to this course where we’re going to focus on learning quick tips and fixes that will help you get better results

-: Adobe After Effects is, of course, a very deep and powerful package for digital content creation.

-: No matter what your industry or discipline, we’ll have something new for you to learn.

-: Whether you’re interested in infographics and product motion, animation, visual effects and virtual worlds, motion graphics, or any          other possible application of Adobe After Effects, you’ll have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and skills with the    techniques we cover in this series.

-: For me, it’s a great way to cover some of the topics that, for whatever reason, didn’t fit into the other courses I’ve authored here.

-: It’s going to be fun and exciting, so be sure to check back each for a new installment.

-: Let’s get started learning some cool tips, tricks, and techniques in Adobe After Effects.

After Effects: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
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After Effects: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
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