A StarterKit, an Investment Formula + a Lesson in Trading Psychology and practical instandly applicable advises

Learn a quickstarter approach on the finance markets. It explains to you in plain language, some basic principles of the market in a compact fom for instand sense of achievement. Putting economic theories beside, this is 100% practical use!

What you get: 

  • 10 easy steps for more success at the markets
  • 7 Points Reality Check + Portfolio Example
  • 4 key emotional traps you need to avoid


  • How you pick the right products
  • The lazy mans approach


  • 6 PDFs with further information including tipps and tricks for your daily trading/investing routines

Provided with the right tools and the right mindest, the times to archieve financial freedom at the markets have never been better

With this lectures you get the most important knowledge, explained in easy understandable wording. It will take you by the hand and lead you through the most crucial basics of trading and investing.

Having an idea about stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, and co. can support you in your private money life but maybe you get hooked and want to dig deeper. The opportunities to become a Proprietary Trader or a Funds Manager somewhen in the future are there for the taking.

10-7-4-go! A quick and easy guide to start at the markets
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10-7-4-go! A quick and easy guide to start at the markets
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