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Lose 20 lbs of Fat in less than 9 weeks- No Gym Required

Discover A FoolProof Step-By-Step Plan To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals More Quickly And Easily Than Ever!


You will:

• Lose upto 9kg (20lbs) of body fat in less than 9 weeks

• Reduce your belly fat and face fat (moon face)

• Get rid of your stubborn fat

• Become more conditioned- correct muscle imbalances, improve co-ordination, balance and your posture

• Become more flexible and agile

• Increase lean mass and tone

• Improve your cardio fitness

Here’s what you will get with [0-20]:

[0-20] 9-Week Exercise & Workout Routines

From the comfort of your home, I will take you on your fat-loss journey with over 50+ Fun & Challenging movements using only a pair of dumbbells and your own body as a weight!

The follow-along video (with instructions) workouts are spilt into two phases with build-in modifications for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees.

You will be required to workout 5 times / week with weekends OFF!

With a time commitment of no more than 3 hours/week (There are 168 hours in a week), these workouts are both efficient & effective!

Meal-by-Meal, Calorie Counted 63- Days Daily Diet

Every meal, every calorie, counted for you!! No Guesswork:) High Protein Meals, Low Carb Meals, Countless Indian Meals all included! Weekly diets with build in concepts of high-low, intermittent fasting, flexible dieting are provided for best results.

Say bye-bye to 6 meals a day, bland boiled chicken—restrictive broccoli diets and say Hello to Flexible Dieting!

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[0-20] The Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation Program
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[0-20] The Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation Program
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